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November 2017:

Italian Image-sellers, Plaster of Paris and Working-class Mantelpieces.
At The International Conference on the Image, Venice, Italy.

May 2017:

Images of Taste: The nineteenth-century working-class mantelpiece - plaster parrots, Napoleons and Venuses de Milo.
At The working class at home symposium. London: Geffreye Museum, London.

March 2016:

Cats, Parrots and Napoleons: The Global Materiality of the Nineteenth Century Working-Class Mantelpiece.
All Things Victorian conference, University of Portsmouth.

February 2016:

"Buy my him-a-ges:" the importance of figurinai, wandering Italian "image-sellers," around the nineteenth-century world.
Cross-National Elements of the Nineteenth Century conference, University of Wolverhampton.

November 2015:

"Very fine, very cheap, very pretty!" The three-dimensional materiality of nineteenth century "images".
The Association of Art Historians Image Matters conference, Manchester School of Art/Manchester Metropolitan University.

May 2015:

A Little Vertical Archaeology.
The Strata Conference: University of Birmingham, Centre for the Study of Cultural Modernity.

April 2015:

A chimney-piece in Plumtree-court, Holborn.
Victorian Paraphernalia Conference, The Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies and the Northern Nineteenth-Century Network. Leeds Trinity University.

September-October 2014:

Excavation (with Prof Steve Dixon); excavation and installation.
International Ceramics Biennial, Spode Works, Stoke-on-Trent.

May 2014:

Material Memories and Spirit of Place in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Mapping Cultures conference, Coimbra, Portugal.

January 2014:

Some Mysteries of the Mantelpiece.Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference, Quebec.

October 2013:

Interim exhibition, The Paper Gallery, Manchester.

June 2013:

Saudade, In search of material memories.
Design for Desertification conference, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.

Mischief on the mantelpiece?
The Performative Mischief symposium, Loughborough University.

Bad Things on the Mantelpiece?
The Good Things and Bad Things conference, Nottingham Contemporary.

November 2012:

£0.99 Archaeology: Small Things Considered
The Contemporary History and Archaeology in Theory conference, York.

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